An alternative to Trello for roadmaps
Roadmap Tools

Trello can be used for feature voting and roadmap management.

To set up feature voting for your product you need to enable a "Voting Power-Up" for your Trello board. In Trello you customers will actually be seeing a board with cards. Voting is done on cards. Your product's Trello board organizes cards (features) in lanes, representing different roadmap stages like feedback, planned, building, available. Via "Voting Power-Up" your customers will see a voting button somewhere between the copy- and archive-actions.  

Productific is an alternative to using Trello for feature voting and roadmap management. If you are currently running a Trello board to collect feedback for your product you should also check out Productific. Compared to Trello, Productific has the following advantages:

  • Productific's layout is tailored for roadmap and changelog display. Long roadmaps and changelogs won't bloat the layout, separate roadmap/changelog pages are available.

  • Productific provides various feedback options. Anonymous voting without login required is the most popular option, other options are available. 

  • Setting up a Product listing in Productific is quicker than customizing and tuning a board in Trello. 

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