Aussie Bargain

So that we don't see deals from categories that we are not interested in.
Gain access to forum / discussion
At the bottom or something, have an option for users to skip to x page quickly.
Filter expired and out of stock deals
iPad Version
Ability to set the default category when opening. Would like to always open on …
Option to increase font size
I think currently, this is by last post date. Maybe also sort by relevance?
Maybe can we intrinsicly be logged in and be able to comment/perform logged in …
a few seconds ago
Subcribing by keywords/topics rather than by category.
a few seconds ago
Being able to scoll continuously without having to chage page.---This feature …
a few seconds ago
Dark Mode/Theme with iOS 13.---This feature request has been selected for build.
a few seconds ago
Hide the ads on the ozbargain pages.
a few seconds ago
Add ebay deals to the listings. Could be the best deals of ebay etc
a few seconds ago