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Select Destination for Giddy Token Rewards to Autocompound
User request

I would like to see an option to switch where you're reinvesting Giddy token rewards without unstaking your current position. If I'm in Giddy USDC LP pool autocompounding, I would love to change my settings to automatically send giddy token rewards to the Giddy single asset pool and start autocompounding there, and vice versa. Could take this a step further. Redistributing earned funds made from any pool (Quick, aTriCrypto3, etc.) and sending to a different pool of your choice. The option to divide rewards made to different locations at a 50/50 ratio, 50/30/20 ratio, etc. would be awesome. At the same time, I think need to maintain a 1-swipe feature to confirm and not add extra steps to keep simple. So maybe this is just like a 2nd layer option that more experienced users can play around with and change their investments. Similar to like retirement account allocations.