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We are receiving enquiries whether Productific is a good alternative to AHA. The answer is: yes and no - the choice is lean tool vs. full suite of functionality. This article describes how Productific is an alternative to AHA as a roadmap tool for app developers and indie makers. 

AHA provides roadmap software for product owners in two products: Marketing Roadmaps and Product Roadmaps. It allows to create visual roadmaps for sharing with users and comes with tool integration for various backlog, ticketing, project management and collaborationt tools like Slack, Jira, Bugzilla, Asana, Trello and the likes. AHA covers visual communication of vision, strategy and positioning for marketing. It holds data on roles/personas and competitors to use with your internal team. Stakeholder communication and employee feedback is included in the tool. With a 30 day free trial pricing starts at $59 per user/month. (sources: AHA! website and Wikipedia)

Productific, in turn, is a lean SaaS software for feature voting and simple roadmap/changelog publishing. It's made for indie makers, mobile app developers and product managers who want to start quickly without setting up a whole suite of tools. While it does not allow visual communication of roadmaps and strategy like AHA does, it can rank a set of feature ideas and planned roadmap items by user popularity. A free plan is available for detailed testing and hobby projects, paid plans for small business usage start at $7 per month.

$59/month vs. $7/month 

Productific is not a direct alternative to AHA. If you're an enterprise AHA user looking for alternatives, Productific is probably not what you want. For lean product roadmap handling, or in case you're looking to start feature voting and roadmap publishing on a free plan, Productific is a good alternative. Productific is made for app developers, small business and indie makers.