Alternative to FeedBear
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This doc describes how Productific compares to FeedBear as a product feedback tool.

Flexibility of having a free tier 
While Productific provides a free tier, FeedBear can only run on a paid plan. Paid plans include a free trial of 14 days (source: website). In comparison, Productific's paid plans start on a 7-day free trial. Free trials are industry standard, but Productific provides additional business flexibility with a basic free plan. We don't believe in a pricing lock-in, ever-changing business environments require additional flexibility for everyone. 

Pricing starts at $29 vs. $11
While pricing should only be a secondary decision driver when choosing business tools, Productific comes at a more attractive pricing for small companies and even provides a free plan for risk free testing and exploration. 

Removal of 'powered by' branding at 5% of the bill
Productific gives you custom branding in all paid plans, in particular we don't show our "powered-by" advertising on your paid plans in Productific. With FeedBear, that is available only in the highest plan at $199 per month. Until you pay $199 a month, you will advertise for FeedBear with a "powered-by" claim on your product listing. 

Productific and FeedBear come with very different UI design approaches in usability and visual.

We recommend to check Productific before starting a paid plan on FeedBear due to Productific's better fit for small companies. FeedBear is worth a look in case the tool's UI appearence is exactly what you want.