An alternative to Neil Patel's (and Pushcrew, PushEngage) for product managers
Changelog Tools

With tools like Pushcrew, PushEngage, and you can re-engage with website visitors by sending browser push notifications and encourage them to come back to your website.

As the owner of a product, as a product manager, you are running a feedback page to collect new improvement ideas and identify the most attractive ones by user voting. You do want visitors to come back: in particular for new ideas listed and when features become available. Instead of integrating Pushcrew/PushEngage/ with your feature shipment process you can simply sent browser notifications via Productific's built in notification engine reaching exactly the visitors that are interested in your product.

Interested? Just check our built-in browser notifications.

With this, you can re-engage with previous visitors without the need to operate an additional external push notification engine.

Note: Productific is not a full replacement for PushcrewPushEngage, or - but provides the user re-engagement that product managers typically need.