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This doc describes how Productific compares to as a roadmap voting tool for product managers, app developers and indie makers.

Features: feedback boards vs. product centric approach 
Feature Upvote provides feedback boards for public and private listings for customers and teams. Listings are organized by tags, users can vote and comment. User feedback is running anonymously, using a cookie-based approach to prevent spam. Boards can be switched to private feedback and named users.

Productific provides feature voting, roadmap display incl. voting, changelog and also documents. It's made for low-friction user feedback and smoothly combines guest feedback with named user feedback. Productific is optimized for search engine discoverability and can contribute to your SEO strategy.

Pricing: Productific has a more attractive starting point 
Feature Upvote runs at 35$/month, per board. That includes unlimited feedback and custom branding. To get started running feature voting with custom branding for up to 100 entries, Productific's Start-Up plan will serve well, running at 11$ per month (9$ with annual billing). That's an entry price of 11 vs. 35€/month, both providing a free trial period with greater flexibility in Productific's Free plan. 

Productific provides custom branding in all paid plans so your commercial product listing can use appropriate design and branding.  

More than voting and roadmap 
Productific provides more than feature voting: you can list new features and display documents. These listings, e.g. how-to docs, can be a great traffic source for your product. We found that users looking for how-to descriptions are much more likely to provide valuable voting feedback.


Feature Upvote is an established SaaS tool for feature voting and roadmap posting. It comes with SSO setup and a board-driven approach. We recommend to check Productific before starting a paid plan on Feature Upvote due to its focus on products instead boards and its SEO