Bye-bye Twitter

Effective immediately, Productific discontinues support for log-in with Twitter. Twitter Inc. are forcing us to do this, API access has been quietly suspended.

We apologize to all users affected. 

This suspension came without prior notice and without a reason provided. Appearently, it is part of a wave of suspensions that the app economy is seeing under the new Twitter leadership . See reports on MashableTechCrunch, and even on Twitter's developer community. It becomes obvious that either Twitter are planning to phase out their API access for small partners, or they are simply unable to maintain API operations under the new management.

To support the app economy and make it easier for others to research the issue, here comes some Developer Info.

The Twitter developer dashboard is showing our API asccess suspended along with a message "This App has violated Twitter Rules and policies. As a result, it can no longer be accessed. For assistance, submit a support ticket." One would expect that Twitter provide an option for creating a support ticket. But this is the new Twitter... the message comes with a link to, which just redirects to the general Twitter support page, entirely unrelated to the developer platform. An option for support tickets is not available. The most reliable source of information seems to be this thread on the Twitter developer community.

Note that this is unrelated to the enforced plan upgrade accompanied by an email like the following, which can be fixed by a plan upgrade.

From: Twitter
Subject: Application suspension notice
This is a notice that your app **** has been suspended from accessing the Twitter API.
Please visit to sign up to our new Free, Basic or Enterprise access tiers.
More information can be found on our developer community forums.
Twitter Developer Platform