alternative for small SaaS
Roadmap Tools

Small SaaS, mobile apps and games choose Productific over because Productific's pricing structure is a better fit and it is made for easy setup and fast value. is a good product feedback tool to run feature voting. Yet, with its pricing it addresses primarily mid-size and large products. Starting at $50/month for a set of 100 tracked users (as of 2020) and increasing at $20 per additional 100 users is not appropriate for small SaaSmobile apps, games, indie makers, non-profits or hobby projects - where Productific is the better fit.
A free plan is available to start testing. The typical needs of a small SaaS are served by the Start-Up plan at €7/month.Pricing starts at $50/months and increases with the number of feedback users. A mobile app or SaaS running for a few 100s users will cost >200$/months.
Minimalistic, lean design and straight forward. 
Full-size web app.
Ideal for small SaaS and products.

Pricing targets enterprise use, competing with Aha and UserVoice.

Summary: If you're running a small company, bootstrapped project or simply want to avoid large $$$ spending then Productific is a good choice to run your feature requests and roadmap voting.