Feature Voting

What is feature voting?

The idea of feature voting is to have users voting their favourite product enhancement in a tool. Feature voting describes the process of exposing known product improvement ideas (e.g. feature requests or new ideas) to users and identifying the most popular idea by collecting feedback. Usually, feedback is collected as an ‘upvote’, but also subscriptions and traffic information can be used to rank ideas by popularity. With feature voting, product managers can take data-driven decisions. 


Benefits of feature voting:

  • Feature voting gives you the ability to see which product improvements are desired most by customers.
  • Product managers can take data-driven decisions.
  • A voting tool automates the repetitive counting task such that customer meetings can have more 'quality time'.
  • Customers can shape a product roadmap that meets their needs. Feature voting leads to increased upsells and reduced churn.
  • Feature voting increases user engagement beyond product usage. Engaged users are happy users and happy users stay with the product.

See how feature voting works in Productific.