A free Get Satisfaction alternative for managing product roadmaps
Roadmap Tools

Productific and Get Satisfaction are made for different purpose: Productific is a product roadmap voting tool whereas Get Satisfaction is made to run communities.

Get Satisfaction is a "customer engagement platform" for support and brand management in online communities. Features and functions focus on Sales and Support roles. According to Get Satisfaction it takes days to get an implementation up and running. Pricing is not public when this document was created, only available via sales enquiry*). Their acquisition by Sprinklr can lead to changes for current users of Get Satisfaction in the attempt to harmonize Sprinklr and Get Satisfaction products and users. 

For managing a product roadmap, Productific is up and running in minutes and ready to run a roadmap. Users can directly send request new features and upvote attractive ideas, joining a community is not required. A free plan is available to start testing. Productific is targeted at improving products. When looking for an alternative to Get Satisfaction focused on managing a product roadmap, Productific is a good choice.

*) info as of Get Satisfaction public website

As a product manager or app developer you can manage your roadmap with Productific. You can run feature voting and display roadmap/changelog. As a community manager you may rather be interested in Get Satisfaction.