How to prioritize your product backlog

Your roadmap is loaded with ideas and now it’s time to decide what to build next. All stakeholders are happily anticipating only their feature to make it into the product  -  you need to take decisions. Does that sound familiar?

Productific helps you choose the best ideas from your roadmap by prioritizing according to customer feedback. Identifying the most promising ideas is automated based on data. You can prioritize your backlog in four simple steps.

Step One To choose the best you describe your product improvement or development request on an idea feedback page. Do that for all your relevant ideas such that the backlog is listed for feedback on a product influencer board.

Step Two Publish your ideas. Pass the URL of your product influencer board to users and customers, along with your product-related communication. You can find via e-mail newsletter, Facebook or Twitter — anything will so fine.

Step Three Collect customer feedback. You can engage via voting, subscriptions, comments or pre-orders. Ideas can stay open for feedback for a long time to collect significant input.

Step Four Use data to decide. By collecting user feedback Productific will automatically assign priorities to the backlog listed. You can choose what to build next from a prioritized backlog, based on customer data.

By listing all your product improvements and feature ideas you can analyze how they rank on user feedback. The feedback data represents user sentiment towards the ideas listed and identifies your most popular ideas.

Usually, as a product manager you will have a feature backlog listed somewhere — but you need to assign priorities to it. Productific turns your list of improvement ideas into a prioritized backlog. Once you’re done prioritizing you choose the best ideas to build according to popularity, customer value and development cost. Your customers are not done yet, they can stay in the loop and you can keep them engaged. Productific provides a roadmap view for features under development and a changelog view for features available.

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