Survmetrics alternative
Roadmap Tools

Survmetrics is a tool to create surveys focused on visual user experience and response rates. Positioning as a better looking alternative to Doodle & co Survmetrics is a general purpose survey tool.

Survmetrics' visual capabilities are, without doubt, excellent. If your main focus is visual design then Survmetrics may be the right choice for you. A free plan is available.

In contrast, Productific is optimized for product roadmap voting. It provides seamless Integration from idea voting into roadmap display into product info. Survmetrics' reliability issues can be a downside for your Data collection efforts - for example, as of Apr-17th 2020 the Survmetrics website is not working while Productific is up and running.

Our recommendation: For one-off surveys Survmetrics is the better choice, for product roadmap voting Productific is the better choice.