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This doc describes how Productific compares to as a feedback tool for small companies, start-ups and indie makers.

You have to book a demo 
A public example is not available. In order to dive into it and understand how upfeed fits your needs you actually need to book a demo. Productific provides public examples and even a free plan for testing and exploration - you don't need to fund a sales rep doing demos when using Productific. 

Free trial of only 7 days vs. 30 days
Upfeed comes with a free trial of 7 days. Free trials are industry standard, though: for a reasonable judgement and to collect some experience with the product you probably want more than a week of testing. You want to collect some initial feedback data before deciding to pay - which needs significant visitor traffic to generate reasonable data within a few days after set up. 

Pricing starts at $19 vs. 7€
While pricing is only a secondary decision driver, Productific comes at a more attractive pricing for small companies and even provides a free plan for testing and exploration. 

Affordable custom branding - your branding first
Productific gives you custom branding in all paid plans, in particular we don't show "powered-by" advertising on your paid plans in Productific. At upfeed, that is available only in the highest plan at $129 per month.

Upfeed comes with a superior UI design.

Salesforce Integration

Upfeed can integrate with the Salesforce CRM. 

We recommend to check Productific before starting a paid plan on upfeed due to Productific's better fit for small companies and indie makers. Upfeed is worth a look in case the tool's UI design or Salesforce integration are of highest priority to you.