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Productific is a smart alternative to Productboard for product owners who want to start lean. It gives you quicker results than Productboard, at a fair price. Productific is tailored for small teams and is not a full enterprise level Productboard alternative. 

Productific is a user feedback tool made for fast value. Productboard is an upmarket solution for aligning product roadmaps within product organizations and collecting customer feedback. 

Are you looking for a simple Productboard alternative? Productific can be a good option for your product - in some cases. Use the following comparison to see what suits your needs.

Self-service getting started with idea ranking. You just join for free, maintain a product listing and list ideas. You can start prioritizing ideas by customer feedback in 5 minutes.Consumption is demo driven, "Request Demo" is the most popular button on Productboard's website. To start using Productboard you navigate into Insights-Prioritization-Roadmaps-Engagement.
Free plan available for exploring user feedback, paid plans starting at €7 per month. 

Prioritizing a product roadmap by user feedback starts in the Pro plan at $50 per month. 

Nimble & lean tool for deciding what to build next, made for product ownersFeature-rich offering supporting internal and external collaboration, made for product organizations
Ideal for entrepreneurs, small companies and product owners.Ideal for product organizations in enterprise environments.

Summary: While Productific is not a full enterprise-level Productboard alternative, it gives you much quicker results at a price which is reasonable for small teams and non-enterprise environments.