How to validate product ideas

If you have a product idea but aren't sure whether to pursue the idea, then this article may be of interest to you. It describes how to validate an idea with a landing page and collect user feedback. 

One of the most important aspects of starting something new is validating that there is demand for it, checking if anyone wants it. Before building and launching a new product you want to know whether it will catch users. Likewise, before enhancing an existing product with a new feature you want to know whether this particular feature will be popular with the product's users. Investing time and money to build something and, only after the launch, realizing that there is no demand for it is highly frustrating. 

There is a solution to that: in 5 minutes you can build a product feedback page on Productific to validate your idea.

Describe your idea. Give it a catchy title and a description. Make the description clear and straight forward. Use the language of your target users and wording from your industry. In case you're validating a new product try to attach design sketches and context. Describe how it helps the user, show which problem it solved. In case you're validating a new feature idea for an existing product describe how it will work in the product. Show additional capabilities and their effect/result. 

When validating a product idea list a few feature options. Example: to validate a personal fitness app list additional options like schedule reminders or personalized training plans. Enable feature requests in the Productific dashboard and encourage visitors to submit their own ideas. This helps people understand the direction and increases engagement. 

Publish the idea. Post a link to your Productific feedback page on social media, distribute it via email and link it on your website. Avoid spamming, try to meet the target users in their environment like Facebook groups or on-topic blogs. Goolge will also pick it up, our feedback pages are optimized for search engine discovery.

Monitor the feedback. For attractive products, ideas and features people will start engaging. You will see votes, comments and additional ideas being suggested. Engagement and feedback will grow before the idea actually exists for real.

There is a lot of smart advice and articles around on validating product ideas. Once feedback starts flowing you know: there is demand for my product. From here on you can kick off additional, more expensive activities that give your idea additional lift:

  • Start selling
    Note: not all products are ideal for selling before building.

  • Conduct market analysis
    Analyze public information on the topic and in particular on potential compentitors. Note: seeing competitors may be discouraging, but it's proof that there is a market.

  • Start a crowdfunding campaign
    This indicates whether other people also think the idea is valid. 

  • Get in touch with customers
    Talking to real potential customers and understanding their painpoint is of upmost importance to any new idea.