Allow users to listen to AOD content at the same time as friends & family
Allow users to find the name of music they previously heard on-air
Allow users to see the number of people listening to the same show as them
Play queue based on entry (eg if from schedule, play through items in schedule)
Allow users to contact the presenter currently on-air
When listening back to AOD, have the progress bar show the point you bookmarked…
User request
Recommendation/onward journeys based on item played / selected
Test our sign in journey (HMW encourage users to sign in / register)
Allow users to discover content from BBC introducing
The cost of recruiting users for feedback, survey and user testing can be mitig…
User request
Allow users to subscribe to brands when listening live
Allow users to see a list of all the items they have consumed
Allow users to change the station they are listening to in playspace live page
Allow users to rate & see ratings of content
Make listening to live feel more sociable
Allow users to preview content when browsing
Allow users to bookmark content outside of playpages
If user has not used a section of Sounds (such as Music / Podcasts) can we high…
Shows like 6music's The Chain, Radio 4's Desert Island discs could have a slice…
User request
If users know they are in an experiment, would they engage more with it and say…
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