Anon Inu (AINU), What's next?

A space for the holders of Anon Inu (v1 or v2) and the community in general to suggest ideas and vote on them. Together we can chart the future with transparency as our main tenet.

Let's come together and naturally write our roadmap thru the willpower of the people.

We are the people, we choose our fate, expect that and expect us!

This page is not affiliated with the original creators of the token, however, the community is moving forward with Joe, as the masters of our fate and destiny.

We will organize secondary voting on certain topics (ex. token name) to ensure we consider as many votes and opinions. Voting will occur in stages.

Current Voting Stage: Preliminary
*New ideas may take up to 4hrs to be published. Only spam submissions will be censored.


Voting: Proposed Ideas
Outlook: Planned Ideas


Up-voting ideas
Guest voting
Idea authors are hidden (even if you sign-in), your anonymity is protected
Browser push notifications
Voting on planned items (secondary voting)
Ideas auto-sort by vote count
New idea submissions (includes an optional description field, we recommend providing as much detail as possible)
Comments on Ideas (sign-in required to stop spam [Facebook, Twitter, Google or LinkedIn] handled by Productific)
Individual idea notifications

Q. Why is there only up-voting and no down-voting?
A. Allowing up-voting and down-voting simultaneously means that opposing votes mathematically cancel out. When this happens we lose an opportunity to sample minority voices. We want to ensure all voices are accounted for and represented publicly as this encourages healthy discussion and a transparent holistic picture before any community-level decision-making.

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