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Working in an enterprise environment you have many stakeholders to deal with as a product manager. Throughout the cycle of business there are marketing, sales departments, sales backoffice, customer success managers, account managers, industry specialists, product design, product development, support and many more incolved. Each stakeholder works towards slightly different targets and perfect operational and strategic alignment is lacking. 

With a good likelyhood your organization holds multiple outdated feature lists floating around - each aimed at improving your product from a different perspective. Account managers will drive features to support their next big deal, marketing drives whatever is hot out there. To escape from such competing lists you want to align the various stakeholders. You need a tool to manage your product with.

Productific is a SaaS tool to automate the following core jobs for you.


  • Capture new feature request 
    Your users know exactly what they need in their daily work. Let them submit new ideas to improve your product. New ideas help your product grow and keep your customers happy.
  • Feature voting
    Publish feature requests for feedback from users and partners. Prioritize and decide what to build next based on user feedback data.
  • Backlog ranking 
    Top-ranked feature requests will support many customers. Grow your product by building what your customers really want - don't just build what your loudest customers ask for.


  • Roadmap
    Let your customers know what's up next by publishing a product roadmap. Show a list of planned developments and features currently being built. 
  • Changelog
    Let your customers know about new features by publishing a product changelog. Show a list of improvements and enhancements recently shipped. 

After rolling in a new idea, building and shipping it, you want to talk about it. Telling the market what's next and telling your customers what's new in the product is an important part of outbound product marketing activities. To reduce your time spent for outbound communications, Productific does roadmap and changelog publishing for you. Ideas listed for feedback can be moved to roadmap and changelog with one click. You can generate a roadmap and changelog right from your backlog.

Using Productific will reduce your time spent on manual inbound-outbound customer work. Getting started with Productific is easy, you can collect roadmap feedback in 5 minutes.

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Productific helps product managers spend less time doing busy work so they can spend more time growing the product.

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