A free UserVoice alternative
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Productific gives you much quicker results than UserVoice, at a fair price. It's tailored for small teams and not a full enterprise level UserVoice alternative. 

Productific is a feedback tool made for easy setup and fast value. UserVoice is a high end, upmarket solution for collecting customer feedback. With Accumulate, Analyze and Activate there is a sophisticated solution available - at a high pricing point. 

Are you looking for a simple UserVoice alternative? Productific can be a good option for your product - in some cases. Use the following comparison to see what suits your needs.

Self-service getting started. You just join for free and maintain your product listing. You can collect feedback anonymously or require your users to login and leave their id for feedback. You can start collecting customer feedback within minutes.Before getting started you need to talk to a sales representative. That talk requires your time and, ultimately, the sales person needs to be paid for.
Free plan and paid plans

Pricing information is not publicly available. UserVoice's feedback page even has an entry for missing pricing info. Starts at 500$ ccording to a Quora answer by UserVoice.

"Our product management product starts at $499 because it's something that's most valuable at scale (rather than per user) hence the higher pricing."

Minimalistic, lean design and straight forward. Feature-rich and complex offering. 
Ideal for indie makers, small companies and product management departments.Sales approach targets enterprise-level buyers.

Summary: While Productific is not a full enterprise level UserVoice alternative, it gives you much quicker results at a price which is reasonable for small teams and non-enterprise environments.