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Anonymous feedback

Users can send feedback without login or providing any ID, verification or confirmation.

For low-touchpint environments like mobile app feedback, where users won't take the hassle of logging in to leave their feedback, we're now offering voting without login. Sometimes your users simply have a desire to not leave their ID.

This is how it works: users can simply hit a "Vote" button. No login required and no contact data is captured. Straight forward, nimble and lightweight.

In the backend we run everything needed to keep track of the feature voting. You can check voting results and also move features to your roadmap or changelog.

A spoof protection is in place to avoid exploiting the anonymous voting by over-engaged 'fans'. We accept only a limited number of votes from a certain client. While small teams sharing an internet connection will be able to vote independently, a single user cannot cast repetitive votes to flood the stats.

Using Productific's anonymous voting you can easily publish a feedback URL to public spaces, e.g. the Google Play or Apple app store, and measure user sentiment between the various ideas listed in your backlog.

Bonus: To provide your users with a feedback preview you can enable the "show vote count" option: