Baby Monitor Wifi

A free baby monitor app for Android: this baby monitor app turns your phone into a zero-effort wifi baby alarm. For free. Built and tested by parents. The app turns any old Android device into a baby alarm including:

  • Simple Baby Alarm Setup
  • Noise Filter
  • Minimized Radio Emission
  • Battery Level Monitoring

Collecting feedback: do you want this in Baby Monitor Wifi?

Mobile internet connections

Besides wifi connections we want to support connecting devices using mobile internet. This gives you the ability to monitor your baby wherever mobile internet is available. Both devices can use mobile internet, also one device can use wifi and the other device can use mobile internet.

The ability to use mobile internet will come in handy when holidaying in an area with limited wifi, like when your baby sleeps in the appartment and you're on the beach. 

WIFI connections

Currently, the Baby Monitor WiFi app runs connections between devices in the same WiFi network. We want to also do connections between different WiFi networks, for example using your WiFi and your neighbor's.