Collecting feedback for idea:

CRM Enhancements

PTS: 1) 0270957-Create Opportunity, Task and Activity Views in CRM 2) 0270958-Task Changes 3) 0270960-Activity Changes 4) 0271223-Search all contact look ups by [Link ID] and the [Link ID Name] 5) 0271224-Task Templates 6) 0230225-Quote for a NONE linked contact (prospect) 7) 0258162-Update [Contact Group] functionality 8) 0239106-Create a [Quick Add] for tasks and opportunities 9) PTS TBD-Create a new view of member relationships 10) PTS TBD-Create CRM Info-Alerts 11) PTS TBD-Auto-create CRM contact when new AR, AP or PA record is created in the system 12) PTS 230344-Create recurring tasks