Productific is a SaaS tool to prioritize feature requests, collect customer feedback and provide product information. It supports the following use cases:

  • Capture new ideas (feature requests)
  • Prioritize feature requests
  • Share a roadmap
  • Show a changelog

We're using our own software, this is our product feedback page. Let us know how we can improve Productific and see our latest enhancements.

Collecting feedback: do you want this in Productific?

MailChimp integration

Created contact lists in MailChimp

Blog & Docs

Embedded blog for your product, e.g. for publishing short documents with how-to descriptions for your users.

Anonymous feedback

Users can send feedback without logging in or providing any other id, verification or confirmation.

Google Analytics

Do you want to add your own Google Analytics ID? 

Analyze inbound/outbound web traffic for your feedback listing in your own Google Analytics.

Use your own Branding

Run public feedback pages showing only your company branding, no mention of Productific.  

Custom Layout Templates

We currently provide a one-fits-all layout for product and idea feedback pages. Would you require more specialized layouts?

Use on your own domain 

Would you want to work with Productific embedded in your own website, using your domain instead of

Widged for your website

Embedd a widget in your website for featurevoting, roadmap or changelog based on Productific.

User groups, invite only

Co-innovate in invite-only user groups. Develop ideas together with chosen customers while protecting their competitive advantage, running the co-innovation activities in a private group.

Trello integration

After you collect customer feedback for your idea you can move it into your Trello board for development/building.


Feedback & voting on main product page

Idea feedback/voting for all ideas possible directly on the main product page. This helps when you have a great number of ideas floating for your product.     

Latest Changes

Separate pages for Roadmap and Changelog view

a month ago

By appending /influence, /roadmap or /changelog to the URL you can access the feedback, roadmap or changelog listing directly.


Readable URLs

a month ago

Readable and search engine optimized (SEO) URLs can bei of advantage when publishing an idea. Example: instead of
you share
with your customers to collect feedback. These URLs are easier to use and will give you a slight advantage for search engine optimization. For ideas and products the vanity URL can be adjusted via the "Publish" menu.

URLs of idea listings can be changed any time and always point to the same idea:

URLs of product listings should be set up when creating the listing. Changing this URL will invalidate old product links you shared with your users.

Improved layout for roadmap and changelog 

3 months ago
Roadmap & Changelog available to everyone, with improved layout

Roadmap and Changelog

6 months ago

Productific supports a new use case: Show a roadmap (currently building) and change log (built and available) based on ideas from your product backlog.

Once an idea/feature is built or shipped it can move from prioritization to the published roadmap. When shipped and available to customers it moves to the changelog listing. 

Roadmap and changelog were made available in private-beta first, now available for everyone including separate pages for roadmap and changelog. Examples are right on our website.


Improved UI design for the dashboard

6 months ago

Enhanced dashboard with reduced click-milage for managing products and ideas, succeding the very basic dashboard of the first public beta of Productific. 

Available to private-beta users, first.

Idea Sourcing - Submit Feature Requests

7 months ago

Your customers know best what they need, they know how the product works in their environment.

We enhanced Productific such that customers submit their suggestions and ideas: this will generate additional improvement ideas for your product.

Customers can submit feature requests, including:

  1. Which feature are you requesting?
  2. What are you trying to achieve with this feature?
  3. Are you already using a workaround to achieve something similar?

You will receive a notification email for each feature request submitted. You can review, adjust and map the feature request to a product iimprovement idea, then publish it and collect additional customer feedback.