Productific is a SaaS tool to prioritize feature requests, collect customer feedback and provide product information. It supports the following use cases:

  • Capture new ideas (feature requests)
  • Prioritize feature requests (feature voting)
  • Share a roadmap
  • Show a changelog

We're using our own software, this is our product listing. Let us know how we can improve Productific and see our latest enhancements.


Roadmap and Changelog

Productific supports a new use case: Show a roadmap (currently building) and change log (built and available) based on ideas from your product backlog. 

Once an idea/feature is being built it can move from prioritization to the published roadmap. When shipped and available to customers it moves to the changelog listing. Using this you can tell your customers what's next and what's new in the product.

Examples are right on our website: