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Use on your own domain 

Would you want to work with Productific embedded in your own website, using your domain instead of

Custom domain usage is now available in the branding settings, for plans Start-up and Business. We are working to promote it also to Free plan users. Here is how it works:

  1. Create a new sub-domain for your website, e.g.
    This works slightly different for each website hosting provider, just look for the domain settings.
  2. For this new sub-domain configure forwarding to via proxy setting. Double-check you're not using a 301 forwarding which just sends users to another page.
  3. In your Productific dashboard configure a custom feedback domain.
  4. Done. From here on your website provider will act as a proxy and serve your (only your) product listing on your new sub-domain.

Tips for custom domains: choose a domain that relates to your product, ideally a subdomain on your main website



Note: custom domains are preferred to run on https