Productific is a SaaS tool to prioritize feature requests, collect customer feedback and provide product information. It supports the following use cases:

  • Capture new ideas (feature requests)
  • Prioritize feature requests (feature voting)
  • Share a roadmap
  • Show a changelog

We're using our own software, this is our product listing. Let us know how we can improve Productific and see our latest enhancements.


Idea Sourcing - Submit Feature Requests

Your customers know best what they need, they know how the product works in their environment.

We enhanced Productific such that customers submit their suggestions and ideas: this will generate additional improvement ideas for your product.

Customers can submit feature requests, including:

  • Which feature are you requesting?
  • What are you trying to achieve with this feature?
  • Are you already using a workaround to achieve something similar?

You will receive a notification email for each feature request submitted. You can review, adjust and map the feature request to a product iimprovement idea, then publish it and collect additional customer feedback. Once published for feedback, users can up vote the feature they desire most.