A SaaS Tool to prioritize Feature Requests

Start prioritizing Feature Requests

Prioritize feature requests
by customer feedback and business impact

As a product manager you face one big question: Which feature do I build next? Prioritizing all the feature requests in your product backlog is a daunting task, many customers are to be considered. Productific is a SaaS tool that helps finding the right answer.

With Productific you can manage product improvement ideas and capture feature requests submitted by customers. You can post all your active users for feedback and identify features that make a big impact. Based on customer feedback data you pick the highest ranking features, build and ship them to your customers for maximum success.

Feature Request

Capture feature requests and publish as product improvement ideas to all users and potential customers.


Identify feature requests with the best financial impact. Manage prioritized feature requests and focus on what will sell.

Grow your Product

Top-ranked feature requests will support many customers. Grow your product by building what your customers really want.