Frequently asked questions about Productific.

What is Productific?

Productific is a SaaS roadmap tool made to collect customer feedback and prioritize a product backlog. Productific helps product managers decide what to build next. Think: simple product management as a service (PMaaS).

Do I have to pay?

Different plans are available for indie makers, start-ups and business use. You can join on the free plan to see how Productific works for you and your product.

How can I get in touch with Productific?

Please send a message on Facebook.

I want to suggest an improvement to Productific, how can I do this?

We are using our own software. Just visit our feature voting page.

What is a product roadmap?

A product roadmap describes the high level product direction along a time line. It contains feature/function enhancements and also describes a vision or strategy. The product roadmap provides guidance for internal and external stakeholders (e.g. customers, partners and development). The product backlog contains actionable steps to walk along a product roadmap. See how Productific supports your product roadmap.

What is a product backlog?

A product backlog shows what needs to be worked on in a product. The product backlog is a list of features, enhancements, bug fixes, architecture changes or any other adjustment that is applied to develop a product further. Ideally, the product backlog is aligned with the product roadmap. See how Productific supports your product backlog.

What is a feature request?

Someone asks for a product enhancement. A feature request is the inquiry to change a software product's functionality or add new functionality. Users, potential customers or other stakeholders seek to add a certain quality to an existing product in order to improve the product to their advantage. Usually, stakeholders request functionality that enables, improves or drives the way they apply a product in their business. See how feature requests work in Productific.

What is feature request tracking?

Feature request tracking is the art of managing feature requests to the advantage of growing a product. It includes enabling customers to request new features, operating a database to store feature requests and ranking them by various criteria in order to identify the most attractive ones. See how Productific supports feature request tracking.

What is feature voting?

Feature voting describes the process of exposing known product improvement ideas (e.g. feature requests) to users and identifying the most popular idea by collecting feedback. Usually, feedback is collected as an ‘upvote’, but also traffic information can be used to rank ideas by popularity. See how feature voting works in Productific.

What is roadmap voting?

A product roadmap outlines the vision, direction, and future steps towards that vision. By letting customers vote on individual items, a roadmap can be aligned with market needs. While the overall vision is usually driven by product managers (owners), the alignment of next steps along the timeline can be optimized by user voting. Also, user input can create fresh, attractive ideas to enhance a product and increase customer value. While roadmap voting cannot define strategic positioning in the competitive landscape, it can supply data for optimized steps along the strategy. Short: roadmap voting is not a substitute for strategy, it rather helps product managers optimize strategy execution. See how roadmap voting works in Productific.

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