Comparing feature voting tools
Roadmap Tools

This article lists how Productific compares to other feature voting tools. Whether you look for alternatives to Productific or simply want to compare the tools, this list is a jump-start. Part 1 lists roadmap voting tools and shows how Productific is a good alternative (and where not), part 2 looks at replacing general purpose tools.

Product roadmap voting is used by agile companies to constantly collect market feedback and check if product vision meets market demand. New, attractive features can be submitted by users - after all, they best know what they need in order to work with the product.

Running product roadmap voting greatly simplifies the process of matching roadmap items to market demand. While B2B companies usually have a well established routine of running influencer councils with their biggest customers, roadmap voting tool support adds another level of insight and agility.

The market is flooded with roadmap tools. Each serves a slightly different purpose and may be a better or not so good fit for your needs. We compared Productific to feature voting tools available in the market and also some general purpose tools - as product managers are still tempted to use Excel or Trello for roadmap prioritization and customer feedback. 

The following tool comparisons are available:

Part 1: Roadmap Voting Tools






Upvoty (makterkit) 

Get Satisfaction 





Salesforce CRM-suite  

Part 2: General Purpose Tools

Survmetrics (roadmap feedback)

Trello (roadmap voting)

Github (feature requests)

How-to: choosing the right feature voting tool